What should I expect when I attend?

 When you attend a service at Grace Baptist Church, you should expect to find a welcoming community of people united by our love for God and thankfulness for the salvation we have because of Jesus’ death on the cross. As we gather together each week, our goals are to:

Learn the Bible (2 Timothy 3:15):
The Bible makes us “wise for salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.” Therefore,  as a church, we are committed to studying and knowing God’s Word in our times together.

Experience God (Genesis 28:17) : 
The Bible is not just a set of facts to learn and master. Instead, the Bible describes a God with whom we can have a relationship. We want the truths we learn about in Scripture to become part of a living experience we have with God each time we come to church. We want to see God coming into our midst and working in our hearts through his word and the Holy Spirit so we leave saying “I met God today.”  This experience convinces us that what we’re learning about God in the Bible is true.

Worship God according to the Scriptures (John 4:24):
 Throughout the Bible, God has revealed to us how we should worship him. In our time together, we seek to implement these Biblical patterns and understand what true worship is. As our hearts engage in worship, the Holy Spirit reveals God’s truth to us and shows us how we are to live our lives.

See the Gospel lived out in one another’s lives (1 Corinthians 13):
Throughout the week, whether at school, work, in our neighborhoods, or even at home, we’re surrounded by a world feeling the effects of sin. When we gather on Sundays, we come into an environment where the gospel, not sin, in the prominent thing. We seek to live out the Gospel in our marriages, our families,and in godly friendships, encouraging each other as we model our lives after Christ. When sin and conflict exists, we desire to work it out in love, according to the principles of God’s Word.

What are the services like?

In our time together, the Bible, God’s word, is central to all that we do. Our goal is to” read the Bible, sing the Bible, pray the Bible, and preach the Bible.”

During this pandemic, we meet at 9:30 and 11:00 AM for our main time of worship together.  In these identical services, we sing 2 hymns, read a psalm and a consecutive Scripture reading, pray, and hear a sermon from our pastor. The service lasts about 60-70 minutes. We observe social distancing guidelines and wear masks for our time together. 

Currently, our Wednesday night prayer meets are held on Zoom, where we gather for a hymn and a brief devotional, followed by several sessions of prayer. Our first session focuses on missions and the needs of our church. For the second session, we pray for families in the church and individuals in need.

What about my kids?

We’d love for you to bring your kids with you! Our children are encouraged to attend the worship services so that they may learn what it means to worship God.  At this time, we are unable to offer child care, but there is a room available for nursing mothers and another space for families who need a little more room.
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